The great, sadly defunct, noise rock trio give us one final album.

Sightings, who broke up so quietly last year we’re only hearing about it now, were one of the great overlooked noise rock bands of the 2000s. From the acidic no-wave of their self-titled debut for Load, the Brooklyn trio went on to grow and mutate throughout the decade. Their taught, minimalist masterpiece, Arrived In Gold, showed them leaving an even stronger impact with whispers than screams and providing a raw precursor to Liars’ Drum’s Not Dead. The band never stopped exploring what they could do. They worked with friend Andrew WK on the glossier Through The Panama and took that same minimalist approach to an extreme on the pricklingly electronic City Of Straw. Now, Sightings have one final album for us before saying goodbye.

Described as more of an epilogue than a definitive final statement, Amusers And Puzzlers still brings up a lot of what made Sightings such an exciting band to follow over the years. Slow burning opener ‘Counterfeited’ moves on Richard Hoffman’s nimble bass and Mark Morgan’s drained guitar haze before Jon Lockie’s obsessive drum thump comes through. That kicks off the aggressive first half of the album, but eventually they hit the 16-minute drone monolith ‘Syllabus Of Errors’ — one final, massive tribute to the band’s sense of space and tension. It makes for a solid finish — a total stare down with oblivion — but they come back encore-style with the final rave up ‘I Steal From My House’. Sightings are no more, but they went down swinging.

Stream Amusers And Puzzlers below and grab it June 9 via Dais. It’s as satisfying as closing statement as it is an introduction.

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