A friend and mentor to Cobain calls bullshit on Montage of Heck.

Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne went to high school with Kurt Cobain, introduced Dave Grohl to the band, and remained a constant during their rise to fame and tragic ending. It’s from that perspective that he reviews Brett Morgen’s archive-scouring documentary Montage of Heck for The Talk House.

“First off, people need to understand that 90% of Montage of Heck is bullshit. Total bullshit,” he claims. “That’s the one thing no one gets about Cobain — he was a master of jerking your chain.”

Osborne pours water on a few of the film’s key anecdotes, along with Cobain’s claims that stomach problems were the cause of his heroin addiction. “Kurt also told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with his stomach. He made it up for sympathy and so he could use it as an excuse to stay loaded,” says Osborne.

As expected, he also doubts everything that Courtney Love says: “History becomes elastic every time Courtney Love opens her mouth.” We’re not sure how the filmmakers could have “fact-checked” the film, as Osborne suggests, but it is an interesting addition to discussion about the film.

Previously, Morgen announced plans for an album of Kurt Cobain home recordings (due this summer) that will feel like “you’re eavesdropping on him.”



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