OWOW’s range of controllers let you create sound by wiggling, twisting and air-drumming.

Dutch company OWOW has just launched a Kickstarter to fund its collection of compact MIDI controllers that allow you to make music with gestural control.

The range features five different models, each with a unique function. Wob is a theremin-like controller that uses a proximity sensor, Wiggle lets you control effects by tilting and turning your hand, Drum triggers samples by air drumming and Scan lets you move a scanner over a drawing to translate it into music. Pads is the most traditional of the bunch, featuring four pressure-sensitive pads made for finger-drumming.

The controllers come in two varieties. One has an aluminium case and another just includes the bare circuit board, the idea being that those who want to customise it can make their own case. 3D files are also available online if you want to print your own casing for free.

The controllers are the brainchild of OWOW design head Pieter-Jan Pieters, who was prevented from going to music college because he could not read sheet music. This frustration ended up manifesting itself in his graduation project at Eindhoven’s Design Academy, which later became the OWOW controllers.

OWOW’s devices can be pre-ordered at Kickstarter for €49 each for the circuit board versions, or €99 each for the controllers in an aluminium case. If the campaign reaches its €50,000 target, the controllers are expected to ship in February 2016.

If these aren’t quite bold enough a statement for you, there’s always the wearable MIDI controller DrumPants.



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