Field Day 2015 in GIFs

This weekend gone, East London hosted one of the summer festival calendar’s key events – Field Day.

The Field Day line-up gets bigger every year, and 2015’s edition was no different, with the likes of FKA Twigs, Caribou, Ride and Patti Smith holding down prime time slots. Crucially, though, there’s also one hell of an undercard, with Daniel L. Harle, A. G. Cook, Bok Bok, Elijah and Skilliam, Mumdance, Future Brown (accompanied by Jammz, Riko and a ton of other London MCs) and more all performing.

FACT’s Joseph R S Hayes captured the action in GIFs: scroll down for moving images of Savages, Run the Jewels, Hannah Diamond and more. Also check Luis Muñoz and Carys Huws’ photos and videos.


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