The promoter behind Croatia’s Unknown Festival has bought an island off the Dalmation Coast.

Sound Channel, a UK company, is teaming up with Croatian operating company Gratiosus to transform Obonjan, near the city of Sibenik, into an idyllic party destination. They plan to bring hundreds of musicians, artists, philosophers and chefs to the island as early as next summer, with an emphasis on low-impact, environmentally friendly thrills.

“We’ve been working on this project for three years which has given us time to carefully refine our ideas,” said Sound Channel’s Dan Blackledge. “Our vision for the island of Obonjan is to regenerate the island and turn it into a truly unique concept, combining art and music, wellness, sustainable living, amazing food and drink and fun and creative accommodation, all on an idyllic island paradise.”

The announcement explains why there was no Unknown Festival this year. The promoters previously promised they were “working hard on something very exciting that will be launching in 2016. A truly unique new concept and location.”

It’s all about private island parties these days, with The Hydra and Innervisions recently announcing their own offshore rave in Essex. [via Music Week]



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