As is often the case, open letters lead to more open letters.

Within a day of Taylor Swift’s open letter to Apple coinciding with Apple’s decision to reverse course with free trials of Apple Music, other creative professionals are getting in the open letter game.

Photographer Jason Sheldon has called out Swift for her similarly-restrictive releases [below] that freelancers must sign before shooting her concerts, characterizing the form as a “complete rights grab.” He continues:

“How are you any different to Apple? If you don’t like being exploited, that’s great.. make a huge statement about it, and you’ll have my support. But how about making sure you’re not guilty of the very same tactic before you have a pop at someone else?

“With all due respect to you too Taylor, you can do the right thing and change your photo policy. Photographers don’t ask for your music for free. Please don’t ask us to provide you with your marketing material for free.”




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