Jonas Reinhardt will deliver a new LP through Further Records in September.

Palace Savant is Jesse Reiner’s sixth full-length effort and follows previous outings on Kranky and Not Not Fun. Reiner’s last album as Jonas Reinhardt, a soundtrack to a self-made sci-fi film entitled Ganymede, was released by California cassette label Constellation Tatsu last year.

Jonas Reinhardt originally began as a solo project from Reiner before expanding into a full band. Palace Savant finds Reiner back working on his own, with the new LP inspired by St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, a historic Gothic cathedral constructed by Peter Parler over 600 years ago.

In a press release for the album, Reiner says: “I envisioned [Parler] retrofitting his cathedral with excesses of incandescent light, preparing for a coming age of electronics.Palace Savant is what a contemporary electronic performance in that space might sound like.”

Palace Savant will be released via Further Records on September 18. You can hear a few tracks on the label’s Bandcamp page. [via RA]


01. Old Kaizen
02. Brigade of Midnight Minions
03. Shattered Remains of Orr
04. Androma
05. Go Sceptre Go
06. Ecstatic Invokations
07. Noctornum
08. Omat Principle Decay

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