Update: Haringey Council is to meet with Wireless organisers to review the festival’s security.

Other video footage has surfaced showing fights breaking out at the three-day event Finsbury Park, and police have confirmed they made 24 arrests.

However, the council told the BBC Newsbeat that the videos are “not representative of the whole festival” and insisted that this year’s Wireless saw “tens of thousands of people enjoy themselves safely”.

Inside job.

It seems that someone at Wireless Festival decided to let people in during Lethal Bizzle‘s set, whether or not security agreed.

In a video posted by London newspaper Metro, the security is seen struggling to keep the crowd from breaking open a side entrance to the festival site. As the guards step away from the door, a bystander casually flicks the lock open and the crowd rushes into the site. All the while Lethal Bizzle can be heard performing, shouts of “get out the way!” making for a somewhat fitting soundtrack to the moment.

Watch it all unfold below.



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