The Mancunian producer shares his long-awaited debut album.

Since linking up with R&S sister label Apollo a few years back, Joe “Synkro” McBride has pushed the ambient textures of his dubstep-meets-garage beats to the forefront; that continues on his debut album for the label, Changes.

The title also nods to a change in his production approach. “I got addicted to vintage synths after a trip to Japan last year,” he shares. “I came back with a Juno-6 & SH-101 both of which play a big role in the album.”

Changes is described as a “soothing balm” for the dance workouts of his Akkord project, and it was inspired by McBride’s desire to “take knowledge from the past & use it to change the future.”

“Finding early electronic music has always been a massive inspiration to me, learning the roots of where everything we listen to now comes from,” he explains. “It always amazes me how much has already been done with electronic music but it still keeps progressing. Listening to artists like Florian Fricke (Popol Vuh), Klaus Schulze, Pete Namlook and Tangerine Dream has really made me look at it in another light.”

For a taste of what to expect from Changes, listen to the soothing title track. The album is due out on September 18.

01. Overture
02. Shoreline
03. Your Heart
04. Changes
05. Let Me Go
06. Holding On
07. Body Close
08. Empty Walls
09. Midnight Sun
10. Harbour



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