It’s now easier to browse Bandcamp on mobile.

If you’ve used Bandcamp you’ll already know it’s the best place on the internet to find weird and wonderful music you didn’t know existed. If you’re using the site’s app however, it’s not been that easy to browse the site’s vast catalogue.

The Bandcamp app’s latest update changes all that, letting you browse “any genre imaginable” (or at least every genre on Bandcamp) and filter by format and artist location. So, if you want a vaporwave cassette from Poland, you’ll be able to find one, assuming such a thing exists.

The app also lets you follow these selections, meaning you’ll see new releases from your favourite genres and locations appear in your feed automatically whenever they’re uploaded to the site. You can pick up the app for free at the App Store or the Google Play store

To demonstrate the app’s capabilities, Bandcamp has compiled its first ever city guide, highlighting the uncovered hip hop, electronic, soul and indie gems from Oakland. You can listen to that below, and make sure to check FACT’s monthly round-up of the best Bandcamp releases.



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