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Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

This week’s selection of mixes sees a collection of under-the-radar names and underrated DJs getting some deserved attention, mixing up everything from vintage jungle to heady VHS-saturated boogie.

The Kelly Twins

This seamless, highly educational mix goes some way to offsetting our disappointment that The Kelly Twins aren’t pootling around in orbit right now, with the duo behind Bristol club night UFO (you can see why there was a misunderstanding) weaving barnacle-encrusted electro into serrated techno ragers with a subtle focus on their hometown: Peverlist, Kowton and El Kid are all repped. Deep space vibes.

Chloe Frieda (Alien Jams)
Bandcloud mix

Alien Jams is one of NTS Radio’s best shows, filling Sunday evenings with early electronics, analog obscurities, and under-the-rader experimental music. The show’s presenter Chloe Frieda is also a vastly underrated DJ in her own right, making up one half of the team behind London’s Linear Space night alongside fellow NTS host Debonair. This mix for Bandcloud offers a taste of what you’d expect from one of her club sets – dark, pulsating techno, classic house, cosmic disco and brittle minimal wave.

False Witness
Summer Mixtape

As False Witness, Marco Gomez has spent recent years pushing a fusion of regional sounds from the US, Caribbean and more that he calls #KUNQ (watch FACT TV’s interview with him here). His latest mix coasts at a loose 100bpm pace that’s perfect for summer, combining reggaeton with classic house edits (‘Gypsy Woman’ and ‘Good Life’ both get an airing) and a metric ton of sirens, before closing on a faster 4×4 section that draws from ballroom and Jersey.

Basic Rhythm
Da Influence Vol 1

Rude FM lifer and Sleep Codes boss Imaginary Forces is having a manic year, with an album coming soon on on Entr’acte and a couple of 12″s on Bedouin Records and Rabit’s new label. But on this mix he introduces his Basic Rhythm side project (for “more fun and straight-up dancefloor” tunes) with a tasty selection of junglist influences from back in the day, taking in Dillinja, Andy C, DJ Krust and the like. Crack open the windows and piss off your neighbours post haste.

All City mix

Protect-U might sometimes get overlooked in favour of Future Times’ other key duo, Beautiful Swimmers. As this mix for All City shows however, their digging skills are equally as adept, and even a little weirder at times – in between VHS-saturated boogie and heady house cuts, there’s peak-time acid, raw box jams and even an outing for Legowelt’s Polaris alias.

Manny Zambrano
Nitetrax 90s house special on NTS Radio

Manny Zambrano runs the Citinite label, does artwork for Hyperdub and has a better record collection than you. His Nitetrax show on NTS is always full of hidden gems (that’d be that record collection), but he really outdid himself this month with a 90s house special. Driving music doesn’t get much better.

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