Still by: Ashes57

Graphic artist and Swamp81/Teklife associate Ashes57 captured the moment Electric Brixton put all its lighters in the air at DMZ’s 10th birthday on Friday night.

The 20-minute clip starts with the last tune from Zed Bias, Kode9 and Benny Ill’s set and goes into the beginning of Digital Mystikz, Loefah and Sgt Pokes. It’s completely rammed in there – hardly a surprise, given it sold out in a matter of seconds. The lighters are up during a minute’s silence for Spaceape, who died last year.

Laurent Fintoni recently told the story of the transatlantic vibrations between London’s DMZ and New York’s Dub War. Stick on this Mala and Loefah back to back set recorded in 2006 at FWD>> for more dubstep memories.



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