The new label launches in September.

Legendary producer Andrew Weatherall will launch a new record label later this year that’s a little different from some of the other labels he’s been involved with.

Moine Dubh is a subscription based label that will focus primarily on folk and pop music. According to some comments about it on Resident Advisor’s podcast, the label will be strictly vinyl releases and not feature anything digitally. Learn more the label, whose name comes from the Gaelic term for “deep black peat peculiar to Irish bogs””, in Weatherall’s own colorful words below: [via Juno Plus]

“Somewhere within an area bounded by Zola’s residence in exile, Pissarro’s paint pots, Marconi’s mistakenly Martian message receiver and the site of a Spurgeon sermon lies a tract of boggy ground of which not even ardent foragers are aware. It was whilst digging for peat on this land that my spade struck the metal box. A box buried in the rich dark layer. A box buried in the moine dubh. On retrieving and opening what looked like an ammo tin I found it to be full of quarter inch magnetic tape. Tapes full of invocation, evocation and magick. Tapes full of music now committed to vinyl. Spells etched into totemic objects available from Moine Dubh Records.”



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