Mack Williams wants Outkast immortalised on the mountainside.

Following the recent removal of the Confederate flag from South Carolina Capitol grounds, the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP has launched a campaign calling for the removal of the Stone Mountain Monument in Georgia.

The iconic Stone Mountain quartz carving is one of the largest relief sculptures in the world. As the NAACP points out, the monument is an enormous tribute to Confederate leaders Jefferson Davis, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, and Robert E. Lee. Leader of the NAACP’s Atlanta chapter, Richard Rose, says his “tax dollars should not be used to commemorate slavery.”

One Atlanta resident, Mack Williams, does not want the monument removed. Instead, he would like legendary Georgian duo Outkast added to the carving.

“We simply wish to add new carvings, of Atlanta hip-hop duo Outkast, to the mountainside,” Williams wrote on “There’s plenty of room. I believe that Daddy Fat Sacks and Three Stacks should be carved riding in a Cadillac (as is their wont). This will help the new carving blend nicely with the Confederates who are on horseback.”

“Outkast are two of the greatest Georgians in the history of our state,” he continues. “It’s about time the Empire State of the South paid proper tribute to them, while also improving a great monument and tourist attraction.”

Williams is hoping to reach 2,000 signatures. So far he’s got 1,135. Big Boi has also thrown his weight behind the tongue-in-cheek campaign. [via Complex]



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