Aïsha Devi steps out from her Danse Noire label for a pivotal EP on Houndstooth.

The Swiss-born, Nepalese-Tibetan producer formerly known as Kate Wax has been chewing on some big ideas as she approaches the release of her debut album later in 2015. Ahead of that milestone she joins the Fabric-affiliated label for an EP that signals in the boldest terms what has influenced the latest chapter of her decade-long musical evolution.

Conscious Cunt embodies different perspectives on womanhood and the dichotomy between materialistic femininity under societal pressure and spirituality,” says Devi. “It’s an EP about sluts, awareness, death, and women in a patriarchal society… enlightenment, violence, resistance, mothers, daughters, consciousness, Guy Debord, Vedas and eternity. It’s also a high-five to my grandmother who raised me and passed away early this year.”

Fusing industrial-influenced hardware with processed samples of her own voice, the rolling, hypnotic focus of the record is testament to her ongoing commitment to meditation. “I’ve been meditating for six years and it has a huge influence on my music. In my way of production, the practice has transformed me, opened my cosmos, expanded my skills, extended the knowledge that I’m modulating in music,” she explains. “My voice and my machines are the vibrations of my soul, mind, and body and out of body explorations. Both meditation sessions and music production merged into one same ritual.”

Lead track ‘Kim & The Wheel of Life’ is “a cynical comment,” she says, “societal emptiness vs dharma & eternity… or the complete fail of modern feminine icons, empowered but still complying to patriarchal and capitalist codes,” while ‘The Saviour on Spilled Blood’ is slow-building epic about motherhood.

The beatless ‘Aurat’ is the most forthright of the three, an Urdu/Hindi poem written by Pakistani feminist Kishwar Naheed “about revolt inside the marital system and revolution in a conservative society,” says Devi. It’s also the second ‘vox tool’ of a series which started on last year’s Throat Dub EP, “where the idea is to invade the club with my voice, spreading some political, spiritual and subversive matter that can be mixed by DJs in clubs and raves.”

Stream Conscious Cunt in full ahead of its release on July 24 via Houndstooth.



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