Miles Ahead takes the coveted final spot at the prestigious festival.

For Don Cheadle, a Miles Davis biopic has been something of a dream project for going on a decade. Now Cheadle has finally made the project a reality following a successful IndieGoGo campaign last year. Miles Ahead, which stars Cheadle in the title role (that’s him above) will be appearing in theaters in time for Oscar season, though not before a prestigious first screening.

The film will make its debut at the New York Film Festival where it’s been chosen for the final night, a slot that has previously debuted awards season hits such as last year’s Birdman which went on to win Best Picture.

NYFF runs September 25 – October 11. Read a statement from Cheadle about the announcement below.

I am happy that the selection committee saw fit to invite us to the dance. It’s very gratifying that all the hard work that went into the making of this film, from every person on the team, has brought us here. Miles’ music is all-encompassing, forward-leaning, and expansive. He changed the game time after time, and New York is really where it all took off for him.



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