The young producer delivers on his debut album.

Seb Wildblood is best know for Church, his rising label and South London party that gave breaks to Happa and Disclosure when few were listening. Wildblood has taken his time to release his debut album, but now it’s here as the debut release on his new SW imprint. As you sink into Foreign Parts (or rather, let it sink into you) it becomes clear that patient quality is exactly what make Wildblood’s debut such a mesmerizing listen.

After opening with the gentle, meticulously syncopated title track, he moves through six pillowy house cuts, and though these are as lush as they come, Wildblood keeps the pulse moving through the slow burn climax of ‘Moðir’ and the neon melody of ‘Gunvor’. The highlight though is ‘Moodlight’ – over warm, hanging piano chords the track gradually weaves in lonely melodies and and a shuffling drum loop. It never really builds — just turns inward, deeper and deeper until everything abruptly gives way to a weightless ambient coda. It’s a wonderfully peaceful moment on a record that delivers on the young producer’s promise.

Foreign Parts is out July 27 via SW. Stream it in full below.

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