Listen back to last night’s three-hour FACT takeover of BBC Radio 1.

We teamed up with the UK’s biggest station as part of a series of R1 Dance shows celebrating 20 years of Radio 1 in Ibiza. When we got the opportunity to do this, our first thought was that we should focus on acts that don’t usually see airtime outside some of the station’s specialist shows, representing areas that are crucial to modern-day dance music but aren’t always represented the way they should be in mainstream media.

We brought through six of our favourite dance acts to mix on the show: Jersey club queen Uniiqu3, Lisbon’s Nidia Minaj, New York deep house duo Frank & Tony, Paula Temple’s thunderous techno, and Mr. Mitch and M.E.S.H., two artists twisting club music into weird new shapes. At times it got very weird, and at times it was definitely inappropriate for Radio 1, but we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. You can listen back to the show here (with tracklists for all mixes bar Nidia Minaj’s), or via the BBC Radio 1 iPlayer app.

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