Chief Keef has announced plans to run for mayor of Chicago.

The rapper is currently embroiled in a spat with Chicago’s reigning mayor Rahm Emanuel. Keef wants to replace the current officeholder, who has been in charge since 2011. The 19-year-old tweeted a message to his fans asking them to call the mayor and “tell him to stay the fuck off the people’s music.”

Keef had planned to throw a hologram concert in Chicago last week to raise money for the families of his friend Capo, a fellow Chicago rapper who died in a shooting this month, and 13-month-old Dillan Harris, killed by a vehicle allegedly fleeing the scene of that shooting. Emanuel’s office cancelled the show, stating that it posed a “significant public safety risk.”

On Saturday, Keef attempted to hold another hologram concert at Craze Fest in Hammond, Indiana, about 25 miles outside of Chicago. That concert was shut down at the last minute with police rushing the stage shortly into the show.

“No one ever gave me a reason why they didn’t want the hologram to appear,” Malcolm Jones, a promoter for Craze Fest told the New York Times. “They didn’t have a real reason. They believed that it would start trouble, but the first thing Chief Keef said via hologram was: ‘Chicago, we need to stop the violence. Let our kids live.’” [via Billboard]



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