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FACT x MoMA PS1 Warm Up 2015 Mix 5 – Gavin Russom

It’s that time of year again.

Every summer for the last 18 (!) years, MoMA PS1 has invited audiences to check out Warm Up, an outdoor music series presenting the best in underground, experimental music each Saturday, and 2015’s selection is looking unmissable. FACT have teamed up with the Warm Up crew to present a special series of mixes – one each week to coincide with the shows – so even if you’re nowhere near New York City, you can still enjoy this year’s lineup from afar.

New York City-based synthesizer fetishist Gavin Russom has long been one of DFA’s best kept secrets. His 2005 collaboration album with Delia Gonzalez – The Days of Mars – is a glorious, nostalgic synth-drenched reminder of the heady days of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze long before Emeralds and Oneohtrix Point Never took the critical crown. Similarly, his later work as Black Meteoric Star was just as essential, exploring another angle with warmth and precision.

Almost expectedly, Russom decided to do something a little different for this mix – instead of blending other people’s records (or even his own), he submitted an hour-long live jam, using “2 drum machines, 2 synths, 2 sets of processors” in parallel. He used a mixer to blend between the two setups, so he could program one side while playing the other side, just as if he was actually DJing. It’s a deliriously creative take, and one to show to your mates when they tell you that electronic music is just hitting play on a pair of CDJs.

Gavin Russom will be performing alongside Frank & Tony, Tiga and Bob Moses this Saturday.



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