Instagram bans EDM

By , Aug 4 2015

UPDATE: The EDM hashtag was banned for violating “guidelines around nudity”.

In a statement sent to Time, Instagram spokesperson Gabe Madway explained that the tag was blocked because it “was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity”.

This is a similar practice to many previously banned hashtags, most notably #curvy, which was later unblocked last month following a severe backlash.

Instagram bans the EDM hashtag.

Last week, LA’s HARD Summer festival resulted in two deaths which has reignited some discussions about EDM festivals and drug use. Possibly in the wake of said deaths, Instagram has now blocked the popular #EDM hashtag.This means the hashtagged phrase cannot be searched or clicked, rendering it useless.

Instagram has yet to release a statement regarding the ban, though it is not unprecedented for them to do so when they feel a hashtag is violating the the site’s community guidelines. Read those here and check back for updates. [via Dancing Astronaut]



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