The Bronx native shares a remix just in time for a special party.

Joey LaBeija has quickly become a key part of New York’s queer club underground, DJing with contemporaries like False Witness and collaborating with the likes of Bbymutha, Rahel and Ms. Porsh.

As his mixes have proven, he is a master of club edits, drawing from dembow, vogue and beyond. His latest is a “Violent Pussy” re-edit of Tego Calderon’s reggaeton classic ‘Pa Que Retozen’, a song that he grew up listening to and one that “manages to sneak into almost all” of his DJ sets.

“The song is basically Tego talking to girls in a very sexual way telling them to have a good time and enjoy themselves,” he writes. “I’ve always been obsessed with girl come-back versions to male hip-hop and R&B songs, so I decided to take that concept one step further by using [Divoli S’vere’s] vocals from ‘Serving You’ to turn the track into a gay man’s narrative.”

The remix comes in advance of the one-night-only return of Legendary (tickets here), the party that LaBeija ended in April to focus on his album, Shattered Dreams, forthcoming via Purple Tape Pedigree. Bringing Legendary back from the dead inspired the remix.

“I wanted it to sound like zombie cunts voguing on the Christopher Street Pier making their way to my party, which has this carefree, no-fucks-given, anything goes, dance-like-it’s-your-last-night-alive type of energy.” Mission accomplished — download it below.



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