Four years in the making, Destroyer has landed.

Brooklyn synth-pop duo Telepathe converted us to their cause with a series of singles between 2006 and 2009, climaxing in their debut album Dance Mother, FACT’s second favourite album of that year.

Six years later, Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudais are back with their second full-length in hand. Destroyer was originally recorded over a couple of months in 2012 following their relocation to LA’s Sunset Boulevard, but its release was repeatedly delayed by “industry and label politics”. Cue the launch of their own imprint, BZML Records, which will release Destroyer on August 7.

Gangnes and Livaudais cite “freestyle Miami beats and Madonna’s early work” as musical cues for the record, which is loosely inspired by “the complications and misunderstandings of relationships.”

“At the time we were reading a lot of science fiction and researching California cults, which became themes that seeped into our music,” says Gangnes of the album, which was co-produced with Lewis Pesacov and mixed by Matty Green.

We’ve got the full stream of Destroyer below – grab it this Friday, August 7.



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