The 2010 memoir is currently being developed for Showtime.

As Patti Smith‘s new memoir M Train draws close to its release, Showtime have now announced her previous book will come to the network as a miniseries.

The National Book Award-winning Just Kids, a memoir about Smith’s friendship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, will be co-written by Smith and co-produced by her and Penny Dreadful-creator John Logan, The Hollywood Reporter says.

Though an episode count or release date have yet to be announced, Smith released a statement about the project and the benefit of the limited-series format. Read it below.

“A limited series on Showtime will allow us to explore the characters more deeply, enabling us to develop stories beyond the book and allow a measure of unorthodox presentation. The medium of a television limited series offers narrative freedom and a chance to expand upon the themes of the book.”

In other news today, Showtime revealed that David Lynch‘s new season of Twin Peaks will be shot as a single continuous movie.



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