Stream the new song ‘Silver Car Crash’ below.

Once, Majical Cloudz, the duo of Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto, were just another well kept secret from the Montreal music scene, best known for a guest appearance on GrimesVisions. Then came 2013’s Impersonator — the minimalist, deeply passionate breakthrough that brought them from playing small clubs to stadiums opening for Lorde in under a year.

Now after that meteoric rise, the band will return with a new album titled Are You Alone?. The album is out October 16 via Matador, but they’ve got a new single, ‘Silver Car Crash’, available now. Find that, along with the tracklisting and artwork, below.

Majical Cloudz

Are You Alone? track list:

01. ‘Disappeared’
02. ‘Control’
03. ‘Are You Alone?’
04. ‘So Blue’
05. ‘Heavy’
06. ‘Silver Car Crash’
07. ‘Change’
08. ‘If You’re Lonely’
09. ‘Downtown’
10. ‘Easier Said Than Done’
11. ‘Game Show’
12. ‘Call On Me’

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