It’s common for DJs to call in exclusives from other artists when it comes to a Fabric CD, but grime’s Logan Sama might have taken things to the next level on his. 

Logan Sama made a name for himself on Rinse FM before being picked up by Kiss, hosting the station’s flagship grime show. He left Kiss last year, and has since focused on his Keeping It Grimy platform – and, of course, FABRICLIVE 83.

FABRICLIVE 83 opens with unheard bars by Wiley, P Money, Jendor and Despa, and it doesn’t let up. All 24 tracks on the mix CD feature unreleased verses from a combination of grime veterans (D Double E, Ghetts, JME, Jammer, Discarda), new blood (Novelist, AJ Tracey, Cadell, Jammz) and lesser-spotted acts from the scene (GodsGift, Killa P).

It’s not simply 24 unreleased vocal tracks, though. In preparing the CD, Logan Sama called in vocal takes from 66 (!) MCs in total, then arranged the bars himself across the 24 tracks – meaning the end result is somewhere between a pirate radio cipher (in CD quality), a mixtape and an audio collage. On top of that, the beats are all unreleased, sourced from Terror Danjah, Rude Kid, Kahn & Neek, Dullah Beats and more.

“To be invited to record a FABRICLIVE mix was a great honour,” Logan tells us. “I wanted to make a real statement so I called up the producers I have been supporting over the last couple of years and asked them to create something special for me. I spent several months collecting acapella bars and went about building a sonic collage over my instrumental mix. Keeping the live mix and live performance energy that is so pivotal to the grime experience was vital, the mix managed to capture that and also attain a higher level of audio quality than is usually available to a live set. I want this work to stand out and go round the world showcasing the incredible talent we have here in grime. It’s quite possibly the finest achievement in my career.”

There will also be a quadruple-vinyl special edition, featuring the mix’s instrumentals. You can stream Rapid’s ‘3rd Eye’ from the mix below.

Check both tracklists below, pre-order here, and revisit Marvin Sparks’ interview with Logan Sama.

CD tracklist:
01. Wiley – Sweep The Floor [CTA]
+ Vocals by Wiley, P Money, Jendor & Despa
02. Footsie – Brake Light [Braindead Entertainment]
+ Vocals by D Double E, Footsie, Chronik & Diesle D Power
03. Rude Kid – fabric [Are You Ready]
+ Vocals by Rival, Ghetts, So Large & Rapid
04. Faze Miyake – Rifts [Woofer]
+ Vocals by Merky Ace, Shifman, MIK & TKO
05. ZXPH XLLXS – XCXD BXMB [Minarmy]
+ Vocals by Ego, Cadell, Scrufizzer, Maxsta, Rocks, Grim Sickers & Nasty Jack
06. JME – The Return [Boy Better Know]
+ Vocals by Manga, Frisco, Novelist, Jammer & Diesle D Power
07. Swifta Beater – War Lord [unsigned]
+ Vocals by P Money, Jendor, D Double E, Ghetts & Kano
08. Sir Spyro – Farda [Dragon Punch]
+ Vocals by Footsie, Meridian Dan, Bossman Birdie, Milli Major & President T
09. Dullahbeatz – Final Stage [Dullahbeatz]
+ Vocals by Kano, Saf One, Mayhem , Deadly, PRessure, Bomma B, Tornado, Flowdan, Killa P, GodsGift, Cadell, Shifman & MIK
10. Jammer – Waterden Road [Earth616]
+ Vocals by Jammer, Discarda, Manga & Killa P
11. Rapid – 3rd Eye [Ruff Sqwad]
+ Vocals by Roachee, Stamina, So Large, Rival & Maxsta
12. Spooky – Cookie Monster [unsigned]
+ Vocals by Scrufizzer, Blacks, Kozzie, Mez, Snowy & J Dot
13. Terror Danjah & P Jam – Crud [Hardrive / Formula]
+ Vocals by Hitman Hyper, Jamakabi, Capo Lee & Jammz
14. Kahn & Neek – Bucktown [Bandulu]
+ Vocals by P Money, Jammer, Rocks, Saint, Nico Lindsay & AJ Tracey
15. Jammz – Contender [I Am Grime]
+ Vocals by Jammz, Row D, Capo Lee, Kwam, PK & Big Zuu
16. Mystry – Launchpad [unsigned]
+ Vocals by Saint, Hitman, Jaykae, Choppa, Grim Sickers, Merky Ace, Ego, Chronik & TKO
17. Trends – Ambush [unsigned]
+ Vocals by Jaykae, Bomma B, Tornado, Hitman, Trapz, Kwam & Spitz
18. Teeza – West London [Culture]
+ Vocals by AJ Tracey, Mez, Kyeza, Snowy & J Dot
19. Preditah – Crash Bandicoot [WOAH]
+ Vocals by D Double E, Discarda, Footsie, PRessure, Deadly, Saf One & Mayhem
20. Maniac – Do One You Mug [Earth616]
+ Vocals by Scrufizzer, Maxsta, Rapid & GodsGift
21. Davinche – Kestra [Dirty Canvas]
+ Vocals by Jammz, Novelist, AJ Tracey, PK & Capo Lee
22. Teddy Music – Swear Down [unsigned]
+ Vocals by Bossman Birdie, Milli Major, Meridian Dan & President T
23. The Heavytrackerz – Santa’s Last Christmas [The Heavytrackerz Ltd.]
+ Vocals by Discarda, Roachee, Stamina, MIK, Merky Ace, Shifman & Kozzie
24. Masro – Constructive Mayhem [unsigned]
+ Vocals by Diesle D Power, Novelist, PK, Kwam, Meridian Dan & President T

4 x LP Tracklisting:
A1. Wiley – Sweep The Floor [CTA]
A2. Footsie – Brake Light [Braindead Entertainment]
A3. Dullahbeatz – Final Stage [Dullahbeatz]
B1. Jammer – Waterden Road [Earth616]
B2. Sir Spyro – Farda [Dragon Punch]
B3. Rapid – 3rd Eye [Ruff Sqwad]
C1. Preditah – Crash Bandicoot [Woah]
C2. Faze Miyake – Rifts [Woofer]
C3. Masro – Constructive Mayhem [unsigned]
D1. JME – The Return [Boy Better Know]
D2. Maniac – Do One You Mug [Earth616]
D3. Spooky – Cookie Monster [unsigned]
E1. The Heavytrackerz – Santa’s Last Christmas [The Heavytrackerz Ltd.]
E2. Davinche – Kestra [Dirty Canvas]
F1. Swifta Beater – War Lord [unsigned]
F2. Teeza – West London [Culture]
F3. Trends – Ambush [unsigned]
G1. Terror Danjah & P Jam – Crud [Hardrive / Formula]
G2. Teddy Music – Swear Down [unsigned]
G3. Mystry – Launchpad [unsigned]
H1. Kahn & Neek – Bucktown [Bandulu]
H2. Jammz – Contender [I Am Grime]
H3. Rude Kid – fabric [Are You Ready]



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