New London party series Clock Strikes 13 has announced its line-ups for this autumn/winter.

As previously reported, Clock Strikes 13 is a new party series from the team behind The Hydra. From October 2 to December 19, it will host parties across a variety of London venues (Dance Tunnel, Corsica Studios, Bloc), teaming up with the likes of XL, Principe Discos, Boxed x Local Action, 1080p Collection, Houndstooth, Ninja Tune, Eclair Fifi and more.

Update: The Liberation Technologies show has been moved to Room 2 at XOYO, with Simian Mobile Disco, James Ruskin and more downstairs. Full details here.

There’s a lot to get through, but some highlights: the series kicks off with Lex, who’ll host a rare London show by Prefuse 73 (Oct 2). Principe Discos take DJ Marfox, DJ Firmeza and Nidia Minaj to Dance Tunnel (Oct 9), while Powell, Container, Lukid and more represent Liberation Technologies at Bloc (Oct 23).

Boxed and Local Action bring 16 DJs to Corsica, including DJ Q, Kahn & Neek, Rabit, Deadboy, Yamaneko and Finn b2b Grandmixxer (Oct 3), while Ninja Tune have three shows in the series – the stand-out is at St John Hackney with King Midas Sound and Fennesz, Dean Blunt and Shackleton (presenting something called Powerplant). Elsewhere, Bok Bok curates Village Underground with Karizma, Total Freedom and more (Oct 31) and XL bring Zomby, Special Request, Mumdance, Mssingno and Hugo Massien to the same venue (Nov 11). There’s also appearances by u-Ziq, Andy Stott, Biosphere and more scattered across the series.

It’s full of quality, in other words. Here’s the full thing:

02/10 | The Laundry | Lex – Prefuse 73, Golden Rules, Michael Christmas, High Lucia, Edan & Paten Locke
03/10 | Corsica Studios | Boxed x Local Action – Kahn & Neek, DJ Q, Logos, Mr Mitch, Darq E Freaker, Rabit,
Deadboy, Oil Gang, Slackk, Finn b2b Grandmixxer, Spooky, Tom Lea, Inkke, Yamaneko
09/10 | Dance Tunnel | Príncipe – DJ Marfox, Nidia Minaj, DJ Firmeza
10/10 | Birthdays | Skam Records – The Fear Ratio (live) VHS Head, NHK’Koyxen
16/10 | Dance Tunnel | 1080p – Project Pablo, MCFERRDOG, Scientific Dreamz of U
17/10 | Bloc | Smalltown Supersound – Rocketnumbernine (live) Biosphere (live) Bjorn Torske
23/10 | Bloc | Liberation Technologies – Powell, Container (live) Lukid, FIS (live) IVVVO, Physical Therapy
24/10 | The Pickle Factory | SUED – Dresvn (Dynamo Dreesen & SVN) + Special Guest: Asusu
30/10 | St John Hackney | Ninja Tune I – King Midas Sound x Fennesz, Dean Blunt, Shackleton pres. Powerplant
31/10 | Village Underground | Bok Bok Takeover – Bok Bok, Karizma, Total Freedom, Sweyn Jupiter + Guest
06/11 | Village Underground XL Recordings – Zomby, Special Request, Mumdance, Mssingno, Hugo Massien
7/11 | Corsica Studios | Hyperdub – Kode9, DJ Spinn, Scratcha DVA, Ikonika, Taso, Cooly G, DJ Paypal, Okzharp
13/11 | ICA | Ninja Tune II – Actress (live) Florian Kupfer, Lowtec
14/11 | Village Underground | | Awful Records – Father, Abra, KeithCharles Spacebar
20/11 | Village Underground | 20/20 X Astral Black – Ivy Lab, Jon Phonics, DJ Milktray, Jon1st, Sega Bodega,
Tim Parker + Guests – Ryan Hemsworth (live) Evil Needle
21/11 | Bloc | Hospital Productions – Prurient (live) Ninos Du Brasil (live) + Special Guest
27/11 | Village Underground | Houndstooth – 18+ (live) Akkord, Throwing Snow (live) Call Super, Second
Storey + Special Guest – Source Direct (jungle set)
28/11 | Village Underground | Planet Mu 20 – U-Ziq (live) Ital Tek, Ekoplekz + Special Guests
04/12 | Corsica Studios | Northern Electronics x Samurai Horo – Abdulla Rashim, ASC, Varg, DjRum,
Acronym, Ancestral Voices, Ulwhednar, Sam SDC, DJ Presha
05/12 | Bloc | Modern Love – Andy Stott (live) Mille & Andrea, Rainer Veil + Special Guest TBA
11/12 | Bloc | Viewlexx – I-F, Intergalactic Gary, Joe Hart + Special Guest TBA
12/12 | Corsica Studios | Ninja Tune III – HNNY, Flak0, Glenn Astro, Josey Rebelle + Special Guests TBA
18/12 | Bloc | Eclair Fifi Presents – Headliners TBA, Joseph Marinetti, Eclair Fifi
19/12 | Corsica Studios | Comeme x Highlife – Lena Willikens, Auntie Flo, Throwing Shade (live) Esa, Andrew
Huntleys + Guests TBA



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