Stones Throw founder shares previously unheard early recording.

Peanut Butter Wolf has never shied from sharing examples of his early work and he continued the tradition this week with a recording of an Eazy-E cover from 1988.

The song was recorded with a local rapper named Spunky Spunk Dogg during their first and only live appearance together, at a BBQ in the summer of 1988. Wolf eventually moved back to his hometown of San Jose shortly after, where he met Charizma and began his career proper.

Below is an extract from the story Wolf shared alongside the track, detailing how he met Spunky Spunk Dogg:

“Next step was to find a rapper so I put an ad in the paper. I said my influences were Schoolly D, Just Ice, Scott La Rock, and Ultramagnetic MCs. ‘Hardcore rap.’ That’s how I found Spunky Spunk Dogg, a Cholo rapper from Long Beach. A few years later when Snoop Doggy Dogg came outta Long Beach, I wondered if he knew Spunky Spunk Dogg, but that’s another story. Spunky had more tattoos than I had ever seen on a human, especially for 1988 and I was always kinda afraid of rolling with him cuz I didn’t really know his background, but he always treated me with respect and admiration. I made the beats and did the cuts.”



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