Following their 2012 reunion and a string of successful shows, Cymande have announced a brand new album.

The UK-based ‘nyah-rock’ and funk band have recorded a full-length featuring most of the original band members, including frontmen Steve Scipio and Patrick Patterson. The 10-track album, titled A Simple Act of Faith, sees the band reunite with their original producer John Schroeder, who discovered the band in a Soho nightclub during a rehearsal in 1971.

Cymande had been dormant for nearly 40 years until 2011 when they got back in the studio, and some of those initial recording sessions appear on the new album.

The legendary funk group was formed in 1971 in London by musicians from Guyana, Jamaica and Saint Vincent. Their debut single ‘The Message’ was a hit in America, bringing them international success before being rediscovered by a generation of samplists including De La Soul, The Fugees and Gang Starr. (FACT also picked their self-titled debut album as one of The 100 Best Albums of the 1970s.)

A Simple Act of Faith is set to be released on the November 27 on CD and vinyl via Cherry Red Records. [via The Vinyl Factory]


01 K To Their 70s Heyday. Here Is The Track List For A Simple Act Of Faith.
02 Everybody Turn Rasta
03 Do It (this Time With Feeling)
04 Crazy Game
05 Sea Of Tears
06 All Or Nothing
07 No Weeping
08 God’s Highway
09 A Moment For Reflection
10 A Simple Act Of Faith
11 Everybody’s Doing Alright



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