A “mood-altering supplement” from the Tokyo-based producer.

Since 2011, Diskotopia has been home to a wide-range of electronic experimentation, from grime-laced projects from Slackk, Rabit and Visionist to the boogie-influenced Greeen Linez and beyond.

Label co-founder BD1982 will follow last year’s sound system-inspired Operratorr EP with Salience, a four-tracker that was inspired by “the various neuro­physical responses to environmental stimuli in everyday situations.”

Those neurophysical responses are recreated as the tape-melted techno of ‘Spatial’, the lopsided psychedelia of ‘Physical’, the ghostly ‘Obeah Mirrors’ and Myakkah’s pneumatic edit of ‘Rotary Drive’. Preview the EP below; it’s due out on September 25 via Diskotopia.

1. S​patial
2. P​hysical
3. O​beah Mirrors
4. R​otary Drive (Myakkah Edit)

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