Hauntology hunters look back on a decade with deluxe double album.

Ghost Box has announced a 31-track compilation to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

In A Moment… Ghost Box is packed with highlights from the British label’s always eccentric, occasionally chilling back catalogue, with album tracks from The Advisory Circle, Belbury Poly, The Focus Group, Pye Corner Audio, John Foxx and The Belbury Circle, Roj, Mount Vernon Arts Lab and a track from the forthcoming album by Hintermass.

The album is out on October 9 on LP, double CD or download, and physical formats of the album include extensive sleeve notes by music writer Simon Reynolds, a well-known fan of the label’s “hauntological” oeuvre. You can spot the excellent artwork and hear clips in the player below, and see the full tracklist underneath.

Read FACT’s 2012 interview with Ghost Box regulars Belbury Poly and check out a more recent chat with John Foxx about his collaboration with the label’s Jim Jupp and Jon Brooks. [via The Wire]


Part 1

1 Dancing Horse (Logotone) – The Focus Group
2 Escape Lane – The Advisory Circle
3 Farmer’s Angle – Belbury Poly
4 Hey Let Loose Your Love – The Focus Group
5 Attaining the Third State – Roj
6 Almost There – John Foxx and The Belbury Circle
7 Deep End – Pye Corner Audio
8 Callsign ‘A’: The TV Trap – The Advisory Circle
9 Nuclear Substation – The Advisory Circle
10 Owls and Flowers – Belbury Poly
11 Frumious Numinous – The Focus Group
12 Boiling Point – The Soundcarriers
13 Mind How You Go Now – The Advisory Circle
14 Cantalus – Belbury Poly
15 You do not see me – The Focus Group

Part 2

1 Belbury Poly Logotone – Belbury Poly
2 The Mirror Ball Cracked – Pye Corner Audio
3 Bromiding place – The Focus Group
4 The Hidden Door – Belbury Poly
5 The Black Drop – Mount Vernon Arts Lab
6 Poppingart – The Focus Group
7 Wheel Of The Year – The Advisory Circle
8 Shining Stone (Logotone) – The Focus Group
9 The Willows – Belbury Poly
10 Sundial – The Advisory Circle
11 Bongo Workout – Roj
12 The Apple Tree – Hintermass
13 The Geography – Belbury Poly
14 The Leaving – The Focus Group
15 Winter Hours – The Advisory Circle
16 Leaving Through – The Focus Group



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