The rapper discusses his favorite presidential candidate again in new interview.

Recently, Lil B appeared on CNN to talk about his support for Bernie Sanders and why he decided to switch after previously supporting Hilary Clinton for president.

Today, (on his birthday, no less) Lil B appeared on MSNBC to speak even further about Sanders describing his support coming from a desire to see minimum wage increase and a new focus on alternative energy saying, “Bernie Sanders wants to build bridges”. In addition to his support, he also spoke on the Black Lives Matter campaign, who recently interrupted a rally of Sanders’ in Seattle.

“At the end of the day, these are non-violent protests and these people have urgent feelings they want to bring to the people in the world… I think he’s handling it extremely classy. We have problems that we all need to deal with, but I think it’s about accepting him, not cringing when you hear about him, and having empathy.”

Later in the discussion, the rapper drew attention to the need of more support for the LGBTQ community saying we need to “protect transgender people and also homosexual and gay people, which is a big thing that not a lot of people are really fighting for. I want to be the first to say that because a lot of transgender people are losing their lives and that’s something people won’t talk about”.

Watch the full discussion below.

In other news, Lil B recently released a new mixtape with Chance The Rapper.



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