The Chicago-based Nation affiliate and Texas duo have an untitled LP due in November.

Chicago hardware mangler Beau Wanzer is releasing a collaborative album on his own label later this year with the help of Texas duo Corporate Park.

The untitled nine-track LP is described by Rush Hour as “a slimy hodgepodge of varied influences processed by warped minds and melting hardware,” which reflects the trio’s “unique brand of American electronic madness.”

Wanzer is well known for his occasional appearances on Nation and L.I.E.S., though recent years have seen him self-release material on his own label. The record is the third to be issued by Wanzer on his own imprint, following last year’s brilliant album of archival solo material and this year’s follow-up EP. He also released a album of belting techno with Shawn O’Sullivan as Civil Duty on The Corner back in May.

Corporate Park are comprised of Shane English and Jonah Lange, who have a released a handful of cassette releases over the past few years. English most recently put out a solo cassette on French label Unknown Precept.

The album is out in November – until then you can preview its dank blend of shattered electronics in the preview stream below. [via RA]


A1. Foreign Pedigree
A2. Mr. Measles
A3. Helium Handicap
A4. Bored Hurt
B1. Worse Of The Hurse
B2. Immaculate Macula
B3. Sterility Factor
B4. Whips, Chips, Chains, And Dips
B5. Squamata Alley



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