A director has called the resemblance to one of his unreleased videos “uncanny”.

Director Mitch Moore has suggested that Grant Singer video for The Weeknd’s ubiquitous ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ may have borrowed liberally from one of his own unreleased promos.

Moore explained on Instagram that last year he was hired to make a video for Canadian act Majical Cloudz, which was never released because of “creative differences.” However, Moore writes, “the production was large, and many feedback emails were sent out with private uploads of the edit.”

Moore believes that Singer must have seen one of these edits, calling the resemblance between the two “uncanny.” You can see the two videos side-by-side in the clip below, and on comparison it looks as if Moore has a fairly good case.

It’s not the first time plagiarism accusations have surrounded The Weeknd’s material. In 2013 he was accused by Portishead’s Geoff Barrow of recreating elements of the band’s ‘Machine Gun’ after they refused to let him sample the song in ‘Belong to the World’. [via Hypetrak]




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