Hear to the famous fanfare transformed into a modern ambient classic.

August 24 marked 20 years since Microsoft released Windows 95, but its startup sound is still remembered fondly by those old enough to remember the days of CD-ROM. To celebrate, digital artist Daniel Jones has done the only logical thing possible, and slowed down the Windows 95 start-up sound by 4000% – a practice with its roots in 2010, when Florida-based musician and producer Nick Pittsinger slowed down Justin Bieber by 800%.

When applied to the early digital tones of Windows 95 however, the result is something that could almost be mistaken for some of Tim Hecker’s more subdued moments. Jones has done exactly the same for five other Windows startup sounds through to Windows XP, though sadly we’ll have to imagine what the Windows 3.1 fanfare might sound like slowed down by 4000%. Listen below.


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