Every good horror fan knows Evil Dead 2 is the one. Sure, Evil Dead was scarier and Army of Darkness was funnier, but Evil Dead 2 is the big daddy of 80s comic horror, and its influence can still be seen today. Take the resounding popularity of Bruce Campbell’s wisecracking lead character Ash Williams, for example. Here’s a character so well-known he’s almost as recognizable as Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, and a character that’s set to make a comeback in this year’s Starz TV show Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Now with timing one can only suspect was planned, Waxwork Records have announced that they will be reissuing Joseph LoDuca’s classic Evil Dead 2 score on vinyl next year. So far, so straightforward, but like Sam Raimi’s movie itself, there’s a twist. Waxwork have asked fans to come up with ideas for the cover, which is set to be “the most deluxe LP packaging available.”

Waxworks want fans to “choose the artist, the vinyl colors, contribute liner notes, and more.” The label has yet to set up the system to pool ideas, but check the Waxwork blog for more details. We’re already working out a proposal that involves a cardboard shotgun and gallons upon gallons of fake blood.

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