Finally, a vinyl reissue of the Top Gun soundtrack. 

Monolithic internet retailer Amazon is getting into the vinyl pressing business, Modern Vinyl reports, which notes that it has five exclusive vinyl reissues up for pre-order.

Reissues make up a fair chunk of the vinyl market, so it’s no surprise that Amazon wants a piece of the action. However, its attempt isn’t a Death Waltz-style endeavour with bespoke artwork and coloured vinyl, it’s a shameless cash-grab that will no doubt clog up more of the world’s already stretched pressing plants.

The five reissues up for pre-order are soundtracks for five of the most 80s movies to come out of the 1980s: Dirty Dancing, The Goonies, Top Gun, Footloose and Rocky IV. Great for a Spotify playlist, but probably not worth mining our planet’s precious resources for.

It’s ugly but not unsurprising: Amazon has been selling tons of the black wax, recently reporting a 745% increase in vinyl sales since 2008. As The Vinyl Factory notes though, all five are available for under £10 on Discogs.

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