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Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

This week it’s primarily a trip though some of club music’s most forward-facing sounds, with Rabit, Grovestreet, Basic Rhythm and Geng all featured alongside one of Poland’s most intriguing collectives. If you need something a little more relaxing, Jack J has that covered too.

Rabit & Chino Amobi

To help christen his new Halcyon Veil label, Rabit has teamed up with Chino Amobi to deliver the imprint’s first mix. It’s almost like an album in itself, filled with dramatic flourishes and spoken word segments that take their abstract club sounds into the narrative realm. Something to tide us over until Rabit’s debut album drops.

Jack J
Going Good HQ Mix 11

Mood Hut’s Jack J steps up for the latest mix from London’s Going Good label. It’s a chance for him to showcase some of the more laid back records in his collection, trading house music for vintage electronic curios and blissed-out soul cuts. As Going Good writes: “The crucial soundtrack to very late nights, or very early mornings. The choice is yours.”

Basic Rhythm
Da Mix Vol. 1

Last time Sleep Codes boss Imaginary Forces featured in this round-up, he was mixing up the vintage jungle that influences his Basic Rhythm project. This follow up is a chance for him to mix together some more contemporary sounds, refracting the sound of pirate radio through a fractured lens. The sounds may be familiar, but the way he combines them is done like nobody else.

Primitive London mix

Genre-blurring producer Grovestreet is another name to watch closely, combining elements of Jersey club, grime and everything in between into  his tracks. His mixes are just as raucous, as this set for Primitive London shows. It only lasts 30 minutes but he packs a whole spread of future-facing sounds into it, with RAMZi, Kamixlo and Rabit all making an appearance.

Unsound Podcast #27

The latest in the occasional podcast series from Poland’s Unsound Festival comes from Warsaw club night Brutaż. If this mix is anything to go by, its members have a very distinct sound: slow, weird, and full of strange marching rhythms. Brutaż are curating a room at the festival this year, which will be preceded by – we kid you not – a round of speed dating.

Liminal Sounds Vol. 48

Purple Tape Pedigree’s Geng provides the latest addition to the Liminal Sounds podcast series. Though it’s full of the rap and club blends that mark out his style, it’s also got some political undertones, weaving tracks by J.G. Biberkopf, Kingdom and more into into “a loose narrative on America’s culture of violence: its inbred, cyclical nature and the hypocrisy of it all”. Trent Reznor’s Quake theme also makes a rare appearance outside of the video game realm.

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