The techno talents launch RAAR.

Frequent collaborators Maelstrom and Louisahhh!!! have launched RAAR, an imprint they describe as “a techno label for punk rockers, a punk rock label for techno-heads.” They plan to use the label to explore the frontiers of techno, as they have as artists.

Each RAAR release will be pressed to vinyl in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory. Digital releases will be pay-what-you-want offerings that feature assorted open source material, including beat-a-pellas, acapellas, instrumentals and sound banks. Plus, each release will be tied to a piece of art, a poem, a story or a photograph — a true “gesamtkunstwerk.”

RAAR001 is due out in November and features the two label bosses, along with Roijacker, the group composed of Dave Clarke, Black Asteroid and Mr Jones.




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