We Are Not The First also features the Sun Ra Arkestra’s Marshall Allen.

RVNG Intl has announced details of its next ambitious project, an album by Hieroglyphic Being and J.I.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Bul.

We Are Not The First was recorded during a week of studio sessions in Brooklyn, and features the combined talents of Hieroglyphic Being aka Jamal Moss together with Sun Ra Arkestra leader Marshall Allen, Daniel Carter, Greg Fox, Shelley Hirsch, Shahzad Ismaily, Elliott Levin, Rafael Sanchez and Ben Vida.

According to the label, the “epic” sessions, which were “conducted and deconstructed” by Moss, see the ensemble generate “bugged-out percussion, modular mayhem, flurries of free improvisation, and voices carrying through the air.”

The album was first reported last year, and is reportedly the result of two years of coaxing by the label. “The heads at RVNG Ltd had wanted to work with me for about two years, but I kept being hesitant because I felt like I wasn’t ready,” the producer explained.

“I came around eventually. They wanted me to do with I do with machines, but with humans. I sum it up as another learning experience that will help me grow as a creator — to merge the worlds of what I do and what has influenced me, in order to spark others into pursuing the same in kind.”

We Are Not The First is released on October 30 on double LP, CD and digital formats. Until then, you can listen to album track ‘Civilization That Is Dying’ below.


A1. Apes & Ages (3:25)
A2. Civilization That Is Dying (6:15)
A3. Cybernetics Is An Old Science (5:13)
B1. Brain Damage (4:49)
B2. Three Days More (4:34)
B3. Fuck The Ghetto / Think About Outer Space (5:16)
C1. Universe Is A Simulation (3:59)
C2. Pussy Thumper (5:35)
C3. Cimetière des Innocents (4:53)
C4. Root Of (4:41)
D1. We Are Not the First (18:39)



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