Not so long ago, in a city close by…

This past summer, Ninja Tune stalwart DJ Food, aka Strictly Kev, took part in Secret Cinema‘s rendition of The Empire Strikes Back – a live experience that fuses theatre, music, film and art to create an immersive world.

His residency with the project ended this week and to celebrate the occasion he has shared a new mix inspired by the work called The Tracks Go Off In This Direction, in both audio and video formats.

As he explains on his website: “The [mix] follows the hunt for the Droids as songs and styles from the SW canon get progressively more random.” Included in the 30-minute session is ‘Ska Wars’ by The Specials’ trombonist Rico Rodriguez, a ‘Star Warts’ 45, Dr Patrick Gleeson’s synth-heavy Star Wars album as well as hip-hop and dance music from DJ Shadow, AGT Rave Cru and more.

You can watch the video below and stream the mix on Mixcloud. As Kev says, do it while you can because there’s no guarantee it’ll stay up for long considering whose intellectual property we’re dealing with here.

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