Hear excerpts from the highly anticipated Garden of Delete in their primordial form on MIDI piano roll in this 17-minute compilation.

When Daniel Lopatin first spoke about his upcoming Oneohtrix Point Never album to Rolling Stone he described how many songs began simply by being played on MIDI’s piano roll.

‘If I can construct a song and then deal with the arrangement and whatever abstraction I want to subject it to later, then even if all those decisions are wrong, I’ll have these songs,” he said.

This might have seemed like more smoke and mirrors. After all, Lopatin has already delivered the most smoke and mirrors for any album this year and the fractured, alien brilliance of ‘I Bite Through It‘ made such a statement seem impossible.

And yet, that’s clearly the case in this 17-minute collection of recordings performed on MIDI piano roll that Lopatin has shared via Instragram. The video is a fan-made collection of tracks pulled from the website for KAOSS EDGE, the fictional 90s band that has played an essential role in Garden Of Delete‘s promotion. You can clearly hear a piano based version of “I Bite Through It’ before the five minute mark as well as the song previewed in the ‘g.o.d. gun‘ teaser prior to that.

Listen to the full collection below. It’s a fascinating glimpse inside the new album, although judging from the evolution evident on ‘I Bite Through It’, Oneohtrix Point Never hasn’t even remotely revealed his full hand yet.

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