Sensel have unveiled a new controller that promises to provide countless possibilities for creation.

The Morph multi-touch controller is pressure sensitive and allows users to add overlays to the surface to give it tactile controls. Sensel’s aim was to create a device that “explores the expressive capabilities of our hands” by placing 20,000 touch sensors on the Morph surface.

Six overlays are currently available for users — piano, keyboard, drum, music production, gaming and art. Custom overlays will also be available in the future. The music production overlay features a grid of 16 pads, eight control buttons, eight touch buttons, two sliders and a 13-key piano.

The Sensel Morph is currently available for purchase via Kickstarter. The device has raised $400,00 so far on the crowdfunding platform, well over the initial goal of $60,000. The Morph is currently set to ship in the second quarter of 2016. See it in action below. [via Synthtopia]



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