Featuring Soichi Terada, The Ecstasy Boys and more.

French artists Brawther and Alixkun have curated a triple-vinyl compilation that chronicles the early days of Japan’s underground deep house scene.

Brawther & Alixkun Present ハウス Once Upon A Time In Japan… (ハウス translates to “house”) will be released in November ahead of a related documentary titled ハウス. The compilation, which has been in the making for a few years, collects Japanese house tracks from the late ’80s through to the mid-’90s. According to press materials, the compilation is “one-stop shop of all things early Japanese house.”

Once Upon A Time In Japan… features rare and out-of-print material that has been remastered for a fresh release. Soichi Terada, The Ecstasy Boys and Yokihiro Fukutomi are among the more recognisable names featured in the collection. The compilation will be released via two labels: new imprint Les Disques Mistiques and Alixkun’s Japan-based Jazzy Couscous label. [via RA]


A1 T.P.O. – Punk Inc. (Hiroshi’s Dub)
A2 Katsuya – I Need Luv
B1 The Ecstasy Boys Ft. Shiro Amamiya – Chi Chi Chi Gan Kanon
B2 Jazzadelic – I Got A Rhythm (1991 original mix)
C1 Akiko Kanazawa – Sawauchi Jinku (Terada mix)
C2 Yutsuko Chusonji – Blessing (Magic Ware Remix)
C3 YPF – Trance of Love (Tokyo Offshore Mix)
D1 Yukihiro Fukutomi – It’s Gonna Be Alright
D2 Hiroshi Matsui – Crazy Miracle Dub
E1 Takeharu Kunimoto – Home (6 a.m. mix)
E2 Violets – Sunset
E3 GWM – Deep Loop (edit)
F1 Fake – Square
F2 Hiraku Nagasawa – Matrix Track
F3 Dan K – Turquoise Love

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