This week Byron Westbrook will release his first album under his own name.

Of course, the New York-based electronic artist has been make music for years as Corridors, but Precipice earns the dramatic gesture that comes with shedding a moniker. Over four tracks — ranging from five to 15 minutes — Westbrook lets you sink into his dazzling, lush soundscapes.

We often describe ambient music as if there isn’t a sense of direction to it — it “floats”, it “drifts” — but Westbrook is an artist in complete control of his music and his listener here. Ambient music this year has rarely gotten better than the closing track, knowingly titled ‘Prismatic’ (there isn’t a better word to describe this music) which builds to a cathartic flourish before gracefully coming to rest.

Listen to Precipice in full below and grab it October 2 via Root Strata.



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