Unknown to the Unknown’s DJ Haus has announced a full-length for Rinse FM, Burnin’ Up.

Haus first broke through under the name Hot City. After Hot City expanded into a group and eventually disbanded, he launched the Unknown to the Unknown label, releasing music by Legowelt, DJ Q, Willie Burns and more. More recently he’s launched several other labels that orbit UTTU, while releasing madcap house with DJ Q as Trumpet & Badman.

Burnin’ Up is Haus’s second release on Rinse after the Make It Hot EP, and promises to “refracting the rawest styles of house-rooted music from the last two decades through the gleefully recombinant, mutagenic tendencies of UK dance music.” It features collaborations with Innershades and Chambray.

Stream ‘No More Loving’ below:

1. Won’t Let U Get Away
2. Higher
3. Burnin Up
4. Hypnotizin’
5. EEEz Werkin
6. Houz Muzik (Feat. Chambray)
7. No More Loving
8. In My Mind
9. Make Me Feel This Way
10. Keep Me Coming (Feat. Innershades)
11. Acid Stringz



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