Australian indie thriller Partisan hits cinemas this week, with the mighty Vincent Cassel playing a father who raises his son to be an assassin.

We already knew that the movie’s score was composed by Oneohtrix Point Never, but now it’s transpired that the soundtrack is studded with contributions from a variety of cool people working under pseudonyms.

Robyn and Joseph Mount of Metronomy have collaborated as Tony Primo and Nixxie on ‘The Hardest Thing to Do’, while Jarvis Cocker teams up with Jason Buckle of All Seeing I to become Spanna N The Werx on the track ‘Friday Night’ and Sébastien Tellier is Albert Mondo on ‘I Eat It At Home’.

The latter two tracks apparently didn’t make it to the final cut of film, but will appear on the soundtrack release. Check them out below, and catch up with Oneohtrix Point Never’s forthcoming Garden Of Delete project and accompanying remix competition. [via Brooklyn Vegan]



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