The final set of Vulnicura remixes has arrived.

After opening her music up to reworkings by Mica Levi, Untold, Rabit and more on previous instalments, Björk has invited NYC-based artist and producer Juliana Huxtable, Warp artist patten and Belfast grime adventurer Bloom to submit their tracks.

Here’s what Björk had to say about the remixes: “these are the last 4 remixes from vulnicura …. i would like to thank especially robin carolan for cocurating this with me . its been such a pleasure !!!

“le1f texted me from a sweaty club a clip of juliana doing a mix of lionsong so i contacted her and asked her to make it into a proper remix . its her first remix and i think its incredible !!!

“when i djd for tri angle birthday party i did a mashup of bloom and abida parveen . i wanted the peak of his extrovertsy to meet abida at her most visceral . i kinda asked him if hed do a similar thing for black lake and was thrilled he was up for it . i really adore his beats and i feel hes got a strong signature on his noises that are really his . he choose himself to take on family in an impressive way !

“patten sent me a mix he did of stonemilker through robin and i loved it so i asked him if we could put it out”

All three sets of remixes will be released by One Little Indian Records on limited edition translucent 12″s – stream them below. [via Dazed]



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