Moog joins the Eurorack revolution.

Moog has unveiled Mother-32, a semi-modular synth that functions both as a standalone unit and a Eurorack module.

Much like Roland’s AIRA System-1m, Mother-32 plugs into other CV-enabled gear, but doesn’t require patching to create a sound. Unlike the System-1m, it’s fully analog, has the famous Moog ladder filter and also features a one-knob per function interface, 32-point patchbay and 32-step voltage-controlled sequencer, which stores 64 patterns.

While Moog synths are traditionally expensive affairs, Mother-32 will retail at $599. Moog sees the device as being able to form part of a larger Eurorack system or even chain up to other Mother-32 units for an affordable all-Moog modular. The synth is shipping to stores now, but you can watch it in action via the video below.


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