The Purple Tape Pedigree talent returns with a new bootleg.

As he did with his “bootledit” of King Louie and Celestial Trax, Geng has found a new way to combine the menace of street rap and club music. His latest creation combines Rodji Diego’s Houston rap fave ‘Jump Off Da Porch’ with a selection from Disasterpeace’s excellent It Follows score.

Geng explains: “I couldn’t help but notice the eerie quality in all of those howl-like ad-libs” in ‘Jump Off Da Porch’. “I wanted to capitalize on this brooding feeling with a rhythmic melody that joined the background vocals in some sort of a ceremonial death dance. It played like a constant, hollowing build to a bad omen.”

Check out the bootleg below, and catch Geng in the club on October 12 at New York’s Elvis Guesthouse, October 17 at Columbus, OH’s Double Happiness and on various dates in London this November. Plus, Purple Tape Pedigree will drop the Body Horror I split single on Friday, and the increasingly-essential DWMS party returns Saturday.



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